Metal Finishing Services

We provide quality finishes with competitive pricing. We guarantee every job to meet or exceed the accepted industry standard. Our team can anodize, hardcoat, and dye your products to give you a competitive edge.

Anodizing: Type II

  • ​Decorative and durable finish that also provides corrosion resistant surface.

  • Clear and black are our standard colors.

  • Matte or glossy finishes available.

Anodizing: Type III Hardcoat

  • ​Excellent wear, and corrosion resistant surface.

  • 60 to 65 Rockwell hardness C scale.

  • 0.002" increased surface thickness.

  • Clear and black are our standard colors

  • Blue, green, red, orange, gold, or other colors available upon request.


  • Chemical coating process that leaves dimensional integrity, and material composition unchanged.

  • Corrosion inhibitor, as well as a surface protector.

  • Maintains electrical conductivity.

  • Can be used as a primer coat for paint or powder coating.

  • Decorative finish coat if desired.


  • Finish for aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Reverse plating process that removes as little as 0.0001".

  • Improves corrosion resistance.

  • Deburrs rough edges, and removes imperfections.

  • Ultra-cleans finished surface, leaving a smooth, bright surface finish.

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